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Hi there! Welcome to my website. I’m so glad that you have stopped by. While you are here, allow me to introduce myself. First I’ll share with you my credentials and then we’ll get to the good stuff.

My name is Tina Blount. I am a Speaker, Author, and Coach. I am certified as both a Job and Christian Life Coach. I am also the Community Pastor at ARISE Church based in central Florida. Over the course of my career, I have served as the Interim CEO for the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce, the Director of People and Culture for NextJob, as well as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Washington Mutual and CitiFinancial. I am passionate about helping people discover their God-given calling as well as vocational expressions of that calling.

I am unashamedly a Christian and use Word of God to inspire and equip others with both hope and a plan. We are all a unique work in a progress and sometimes it is nice to have company for the journey on this thing we call life. I enjoy being that company for others.

Beyond all that, I am a mom that loves grilling out, coffee, diet cokes, NFL football, great movies, books, card games and lounging at the pool. There you have it. I’m just an ordinary person living a great adventure while helping others to do the same. You can get to know me better by following my:


As an inspirational communicator, I am inspired to share messages of hope and encouragement that challenge the status quo and inspire listeners to take steps forward in their faith and in their everyday life. If you would like to explore having me speak an upcoming event at your church, ministry or business, please connect with me.


My books express my passions to equip those who are looking for work and those who are looking for God to find what they are seeking. The two that I have written reflect those passions. My first published book, “Now What; Finding life after a layoff and job too” was written to help those facing a layoff understand the spiritual implications of their experience. My second book, “Warnings to the Seven Churches; There are parasites in the Body of Christ” was written to encourage Christians to allow the seven letters in the Book of Revelation to inspire them to greater levels of faith and life. These books are available on I’m looking forward to connecting with you through the pages of these resources.


As a certified Job and Christian Life Coach, I place tremendous value on the opportunity to help people navigate the crossroads of life, faith and work. My coaching style is metaphorically that of a gardener. You bring the topical seeds to each conversation. I bring the coaching tools. Together, we get down in the dirt of your life, knee-to-knee, nose-to-nose, eye-to-eye and together we root up and plant in order for you to experience growth and produce lasting results. If you would like to schedule a 30-minute free introductory coaching session, please connect with me.

Community & Faith Leader

I have served at ARISE Church in a variety of capacities over the years and currently serve as their Community Pastor. My role allows me to collaborate with business leaders, schools and local non-profits to help advance their cause. Most recently, I was able to serve as the Interim CEO for The Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce. Supporting, equipping and inspiring leaders, small businesses and large organizations to raise the bar and reach new levels of success is a personal passion and a significant part of my vocational portfolio. From one on one leadership coaching to lunch and learns, I am available to serve your needs. Click here to connect with me.

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